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Mercury-free dentistry is already a reality. What is called "holistic dentistry" recognizes that the mouth is not an isolated organ. It is an integral part of the extremely complex, sensitive, and still largely unknown human body. It is irresponsible, negligent, and na´ve to expect that we can introduce a metal as toxic as mercury into the body without serious consequences. The ADA, which was primarily founded in order to take advantage of the lucrative potential of the mercury-based dental amalgam, cannot and should not be trusted as to its safety. The FDA seems unwilling at this point to reverse their position, and committed to perpetuate the ADA's misinformation regardless of its health risks.

For pregnant and nursing women, this situation is even more critical. Women in the dental profession can make the choice to protect themselves, by taking several important steps:

  • Install composite resin fillings instead of amalgams.
  • When working with amalgams already installed, wear gas masks certified for mercury vapor. (Click here to see one.)
  • Work only in properly ventilated areas.

For more information, contact the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology or the The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

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